Family & Patient Support

  • CleftPALS Victoria is a wealth of knowledge and informaton about the cleft condition. They are a group of volunteers - mostly parents and cleft affected adults - who understand what parents and families are going through. They want to help you.
  • Jarrah’s parents discovered Jarrah had a cleft lip palate, in utero, at their 21 week scan. Expecting this to be a normal scan, they were understandably shocked with the news.
  • In gratitude, this is my attempt to put the past six years of supurb care by you and your team into the broader life context of my experience with UCLP. This is my story. I trust that this letter is more considered and eloquent than I could ever be face to face.
  • Ozcleft aims to uncover new genetic causes of cleft lip and palate. Researchers now know that a more thorough examination of family members can reveal some subtle similarities with the child with a cleft, even though they do not appear to have any clefts themselves.
  • Tess has Treacher Collins Syndrome. For the first 18 months of her life she was fed through a tube. She was taken away from her parents 1 hour after her birth. She had her first operation at 2 months of age and spent the first 5 months of her life in hospital.